The Pride celebrations we enjoy today would not be possible If not for the brave black and brown Trans Women and Drag Queens who fought so hard to secure the rights we all now enjoy. The gruesome murder of George Floyd has ignited the country and demands justice as well as finally an end to the oppression that our black and brown brothers and sisters are living with. Black lives DO matter, and it is important that we stand together to support this movement to end the oppression once and for all.

Tonight, we would have kicked off KCPrideFest with the biggest celebration Kansas City has ever seen.  The Kansas City Diversity Coalition has worked throughout the year planning one of the largest Pride celebrations in the country to mark the 50th anniversary of the first Pride. We planned something extraordinarily special to commemorate the advancements made by the gay rights movement, our movement, indeed YOUR movement.

But now our movement has taken on a different meaning. Every LGBTQ+ person should stand against anti-black racism, violence and make it a priority to be in solidarity with the black community calling for justice and equality.